Katia is an amazing healer, she is uniquely talented and highly skilled.  She has the ability to meet each person with an exceptional intuitive and wonderfully compassionate approach.  She’s able to balance your system in a subtle and yet deeply profound way that brings forth your own sense of well being and healing.  I met Katia several years ago when I was in tremendous pain from an accident, she literally saved my life and was absolutely key to my recovery.  She’s continued to help me over the years with many other health concerns and I have recommended her to numerous students and friends.  A true gem!

Susan Wilson E-RYT

Yoga and Meditation Instruction

Yamuna Body Rolling Therapy

I started seeing Katia after the birth of my son. I had such terrible pubic symphysis pain that I couldn’t walk at all. After about a month of rest I finally was able to walk with a cane and made my first visit with Katia. Over 10 weeks I saw her once a week and improved tremendously after each visit. I always felt better walking out of her office and continued to feel better the entire day after a manipulation.

Katia took a video of me walking at each appointment and I improved each time. I’m happy to say I’m walking pain free now!

Laura Liggon